2nd Dec 2005.   My first shoot with Brigette. Met at Kirra and proceeded to South Kingscliff Beach

and sand dunes. Brigette is a very experienced model and flows from one pose to another easily. 

 We managed 6 costume sets in one and a half hours for 368 images. 

 4th Dec 2005. My first shoot with Shae. E-mailed to confirm shoot date and then sent text night before.  

No reply as out of credit , but still arrived on time. Travelled to Kingscliff and managed one set before the

 onlookers became too numerous. Moved on to Cudgen Lake and peace and quiet, and with no one else

 around did another three costumes for 4 sets. Then as it became bright and hotter , travelled to the studio

 for 4 costumes and 7 sets. Shae was a very confident and enthusiastic model, and looking forward to future shoots.

 6th Dec 2005.  My second shoot with Emma. Again at Cudgen lake as time was almost midday and her eyes 

were very sensitive to the strong light. We did 2 costumes for 6 sets before she was required by another 

photographer for a double shoot. Emma is an enthusiastic and reliable model who always gives of her best. 

Hoping to shoot with her again soon.

 9th Dec 2005.  My 16th shoot with Josephine. Picked her up at 9 am and traveled to a local chapel 

and park for a bridal look. Then to Cudgen lake for two more costumes and another 6 sets. Then dropped

 her off home for a 1.30 lunch appointment. Once again expressive and elegant are words that come to mind 

when I photograph her.

 14th Dec 2005.  Morgan returns for a short shoot. Was so hot and with makeup ready to melt, we went to

 Macintosh Island park to shoot 2 sets in 15 minutes. Then finished early to do some shopping for items for next shoot.

 15th Dec 2005.    The delightful Emma returns in my third shoot with her. Started at a local park chapel in

 South Tweed for a lingerie costume and three sets. Then travelled to Cudgen Lake for a peasant type costume and 

another three sets there. I think we disturbed some council workers BBQ lunch there but the guys did not seem

 too disappointed or upset. We then went to the studio for two other costumes and 6 sets (if you can call frangipani 

flowers a costume). The day was very hot so we called it quits after that as both worn out.

  20th Dec 2005.  My 4th shoot with Tavia. Picked her up from Robina station and travelled straight to the studio

 as too bright outside at 2 pm. Did three outfits for 9 sets then as got cooler and less glary went to a partly demolished

 building for another outfit and 3 sets. Nearby guy on slasher was impressed with the site of a naked Tavia walking

 along a platform.Then travelled to Duffy Beach at Fingal for a last outfit and 3 sets by the fading afternoon sunlight. 

Tavia was free from illness and had her usual sparkle back again. In a total of 3 hours and 42 minutes managed 879

 usable shots an average of 3.9 / min which was OK considering travelling done as well. Planning a double shoot

 with Tavia next year.