JULY 2005


 6th Jul 2005.  Katy-Lee and Ella-Louise are two very attractive and capable models. I met Ella in Nov 

 last year and have done 9 shoots with her. Katy I met in Dec and 19 shoots done there. They met in

 Dec last year and have become very good friends. Their friendship can be seen in the relaxation they

 have with each other. This double shoot was a ball. Makeup provided by Jo Smith from Mudgeeraba 

and location the Rose lodge at the Summer House near Mudgeeraba.

 6th July. As much as the double shoot was a pleasure, working with Ella one to one was superb. Great eyes, 

makeup and expression and a lovely pout as well as a great figure and playful rapport with the camera.

6th July 2005 . Not to be outdone, Katy had a single set as well to show Ella how it was done. Once again 

a pleasure to work with.

 7th Jul 2005. Now it was outdoors on location on sand dunes at South Kingscliff.. This time with a more

 natural makeup and straight hair. Bit of oil for the body, warm sun and get natural with the environment.

 Then a trip up to an apartment in Brisbane for a shower set to get rid of the salt and a few more sets inside.

 Early night rest and shoots with some other photographers in the morning.

 9th Jul 2005.  two days later picked up Ella from Brisbane and met with Josephine near Southport and travelled

 for next sets at the Southport Spit where we shot a couple of sensuous sets. Ella and Josephine got on very well

 together as this was the first time they had met, although both had now done double sets before. I seem to be 

very lucky in shooting with models who are also beautiful people as well

9th July 2005   after dropping off Josephine, Ella and I travelled to a deserted farm shed to do another 3 sets.

 Then  the next day took her up to Brisbane to catch the plane back home. In the 3 shoots while over here

 we managed to get done about 36 sets each of about 60 images. A very productive series of shoots 

with an excellent model.

 16th Jul 2005.  A week later and I travelled down to Coffs Harbour to do my second shoot with Ellie. 

Very pleasant young lady. Only made a few complaints about posible snakes and spiders in the

 long grass. So we finished at the beach.

20th Jul 2005.   This was my 5th shoot with Belinda. I described to her the worker theme that I wanted

 to shoot for some possible calendars and she came to the party with her own construction gear.

 Had to be on my toes here as you don't give cheek to a model armed with stock whip and hammer.

 Love working with Belinda with her professionalism and ideas and willingness to do what it takes to get the picture.