JUNE 2005


1st Jun 2005  My 47th paid shoot with Morgan. Today she was very flirtatious towards the camera.

 Very little direction was required as she flowed effortlessly from one pose to the next.  Should be more 

of these magic days.

2nd Jun 2005. My second shoot with Daria. We started at the Spit beach at Southport and then travelled

 to Miami beach for a double shoot with Morgan. She has had a lot of experience in modelling and can throw

 tons of expressive poses from innocence to the most wicked.  Most enjoyable to work with.

2nd June 2005   Morgan and Darias first shoot together and they really played off each other well. This shot 

was a fluke as the tide was coming in and the wave spirted up at just the right position. 

3rd Jun 2005.  My 49th shoot with Morgan and the third in three days. Set up studio lights at Morgan's

 residence and got these two sets done and then the tiredness set in so abandoned the rest of the 

shoot for that day.

 3rd Jun 2005  No rest for me however as I backed up that afternoon to do Tonya's 7th shoot. Tall, with a

gorgeous figure and ability to be shy, Tonya has been really great to work with. 

15 th Jun 2005.  My first shoot with Jessica. Travelled up to the Sunshine coast and as it was raining and no

 chance of clearing, set up studio. Sarah has a great smile and enticing over the shoulder look.  

17 th Jun 2005 . Josephine again in her 11th shoot.. Always a pleasure to work with and she said she 

had been working it out at the gym.. what a figure!!  We travelled to a deserted farm shed and shot

 one of a series of girls at work, then finished at the studio with some lingerie and also some fashion

 shots for her folio

21 st Jun 2005  Picked up Katy-Lee and Morgan and travelled south to this railway bridge crossing a creek.

 Trains were no longer running so we did not have to watch out for traffic. Shot some individuals of Katy in her 

12 th shoot first and of course with two great models there, had to do a double as well.

21 st Jun 2005.  The double shoot was in two parts one below the  railway bridge and the other in the studio 

where  some dry ice vapour and coloured lights set the scene for a theatrical performance. Just needed

 a couple of daggers , dragons and dwarves to finish the scenario off.

21 st Jun 2005.   Shoot number 50 for Morgan and still going strong. Once again Morgan was being 

enticing and playing  up to the camera. Was a clear pleasant day and warm sun was inviting. Who could 

tell this was the first month of winter 

28th Jun 2005.   My 12th shoot with Josephine and second one this month. She had to drag me out to shoot her again that month NOT!!!! We went to the Valentine room at the Summer House near Mudgeeraba. Hair and makeup once again done By the very capable Jo Smith  (Coco Honey) . A lovely romantic retreat for some gentle boudoir images.
29th Jun  2005   Hey that looks familiar. Yes same place one day later but this time replacing Josephine

with Morgan and then Jessica. Once again Morgan was in a good mood to play up before the camera.

With a maid like that one would never want to leave the house. This was Morgans 51 st shoot.

 29 th Jun 2005.   Jessicas second shoot and she was really going strong smiles were good and throwing 

in a few pouts.  No outdoor sets as it was raining again!!! What is it about Jessica and rain???

 29 th Jun 2005.  Double trouble as Jessica and Morgan move into a double shoot. This was the first time they 

had met and the first double shoot with each other. Like true professionals they really complemented

 each other and we got two great sets. Both girls were a pleasure to work with.