2nd Nov 2005.   My second shoot with Tavia. This time weather was unsettled and with a start about 2 pm,

 we worked in the studio. Did I say work!!! What a pleasure this model is. Plenty of expressions, poses,

 polite enough to laugh at my jokes and looks great  in front of the camera. Looking forward to more shoots.

 8th Nov 2005.  Second shoot with Lucinda. Only very short as squeezed in between work and training.

 Lucinda does competitive kickboxing which helps explains her lithe figure. Due to time constraints

 we travelled to Fingal where we had this little beach all to ourselves.

 9th Nov 2005.   My 7th shoot with Belinda and starting at Fingal One advantage of shooting with a model a number

 of times is that you know the model is reliable  and consistent. Because of your mutual respect you can explore 

 different themes more successfully than the first time with a model. Belinda wanted to do more shoots outdoors and

 relished the cool water , fresh air and hot sun. A little too  much sun by the end of the shoot at Hastings Point.

 13th Nov 2005.   My 9th recent shoot with Britney. After a late afternoon start we travelled to Hastings point beach 

which has Km of lonely vacant beach with only a few late afternoon walkers and surfers.  Hoping for late afternoon 

sunlight we were thwarted by low cloud in the west. Finished one outfit there and then returned to the studio

 for a long relaxed session and finishing close to midnight.

 15 th Nov 2005.  My 13th shoot with Savannah. Arrived at her place about 10.30 and she was ready to go. 

Travelled to Palm Beach / Currumbin  for our first costume under slightly overcast conditions. Then the sun 

broke through making it too hot and bright to continue, so we travelled south to an old deserted farm shed that

 I have used before. After one outfit  there we then went for lunch and continued

 in the studio. It is always interesting working with Savannah and one often never knows whet to expect.

 17 th Nov 2005. Back again with Josephine one of my favorite models. This time she got up at 4am for a dawn 

shoot with no complaints. We travelled to Fingal and as the weathermen would have it, the clouds had banked

 up on the horizon. But a little later the sun broke through and gave us a little warmth. After finishing the first

 costume the rain started to come in so we travelled to the studio for the next costume. As that progressed the sun

 came out again so we left to head to outdoor locations again and once again our personal rain cloud seemed to

 have followed, so called an early day and decided to try again on a finer day. Delightful, expressive, reliable are

 just some of the words coming to mind when I think of shooting with Josephine.


 17th Nov 2005. Backing up later that day for 14 th shoot with Savannah and the second for the day. Picked her up

 at 2 pm and travelled to Fingal where we finished the first costume and then got chased by the rain. So back to

 the studio and another couple of costumes before  finishing early. Again a most interesting shoot..

 20th Nov 2005.  My 54 th shoot with Morgan for the site www.puremorgan.com. Once again even though ill

 Morgan still did her best.  We managed 7 sets (361 images ) in 2 hours an average of 3 shots per minute, 

which is testimony to her amazing posing experience. We started out at Snapper rocks where she attracted

 approving stares of guys and disapproving stares of some women. Then after 3 sets there we travelled

 south to Hastings point beach to complete the sets.

 21 st Nov 2005.  My 15th shoot with Savannah building up plenty of stock images. Picked her up at 9.30 

and we travelled to Fingal . Completed 2 sets in one costume and then retired for lunch and to the studio for

 another costume and three sets. Both feeling a bit tired with the weather and decided to cut it short and try again 

another day with a bit more rest.

 23rd Nov 2005.  Sixteenth shoot. Started about 12 but as sun was too bright for outdoor beach work we travelled

 to the studio, intending to do some late afternoon beach work.  Weather once again has been consistent ... bad. 

Fine in morning and then cloudy and rain in afternoon. Did three costumes for 8 sets this time and also some body

 part shots. Finished by 5 intime to get Savannah home for an evening date.

 24th Nov 2005.  My first shoot with new model Emma introduced by Savannah. Emma is a qualified makup artist

 and has appeared on the cover of picture magazine twice. Met her near the airport about 9 am and we travelled to

 Kingscliff for a couple of costume sets, which served me as the test shots that other photographers get away with for free.

 Only took me two sets to get comfortable with Emma and her antics. She was very relaxed and spontaneous. Although

 the bright light caused problems with her sensitive eyes. We then went to Cudgen Lake and found a new location 

which was more sheltered from the brighter reflective glare. Completed another 2 costumes for six sets and then the

 hunger pangs set in so took a short lunch break before moving to the studio for 3 more costumes and 7 sets.  A total 

of 6 hours including lunch travelling and viewing results. Felt very comfortable with Emma by the end and she was 

already talking about the next shoot.

 29th Nov 2005.  Shoot 17  with Savannah. Racking up the content quickly. This was a short shoot, picked up

 at 9.30 travelled up to the Spit. Three bikini changes in space of one and a quarter hours. Then back by 

11.15 to get some computer material sorted. 

  29th Nov 2005.  The third shoot with Tavia and my second for the day.. Picked up from rail station at 1 pm and

 travelled to  theme farm in Tweed Heads. Couple of costumes here and then to Fingal for one more bikini outfit.

 Had to call this shoot short as Tavia was unwell, but insisted on shooting as she did not want to let me down. I

 scolded her and made her promise not to come on a shoot when she was so sick again.