2nd Oct  Over 6 shoots done with Britney.  Very relaxed and cooperative. Fun looking for new ideas 

 and locations.

3rd Oct First shoot with Belinda and Vanessa.  Vanessa (blonde) can be seen each week in People

 magazine at start of Model Citizens page as Spunk of the year 2004.

 Both models a pleasure to shoot with.

4th Oct Second shoot. Even better than first day. Much more relaxed. 

Looking forward to next shoot.

6th Oct  My 6th shoot with Angie. Very relaxed model, lots of fun to work with. Since previous shoot

 in Jan Angie had completed a makeup course and you can see the difference. 

7th Oct  My 7th shoot with Angie. Did I say how relaxed it was working with her. Nothing was too

 much trouble. She has also appeared in People, Picture and 100% Homegirls and

 been shot for Penthouse. 

10th Oct  More than 40 shoots done with Morgan and first shoot done with Diva Darkness 

causing me to feel a bit awkward as my first attempt at Goth shoot. Overall interesting , 

but not my favourite style.

12th Oct  My second recent shot with Ciara. Shot her many years ago on earlier TFP shoots

 for practise. She has matured since then and improving in her new styles.

13th Oct  Angela , very shy and does not say much at first, but by the end of the shoot can hardly keep her quiet. 

This was my 3rd shoot with her.

26th Oct 2005. The 7th of the most recent shoots with Britney. Started late afternoon at Fingal, and racing oncoming

 storm clouds and trying to avoid inquisitive spectators. As the light failed we returned to the studio for some 

very hot sets. The temperature was above 30 and had trouble keeping cool, but Britney found that wearing

 less clothing helped as well as using the watering can to cool her down.

 29th Oct 2005. My first shoot with Lucinda. Punctual and organised. Went out of her way to make the shoot a 

success. Picked her up near the airport and travelled to first location at Cudgen Creek at Kingscliff. Fairly quiet 

at first but as time passed more people arrived to cool off on the very hot day. Managed 3 sets there then

 travelled to Hastings point where we had the whole of a beach area to ourselves. With a slightly cooling 

 breeze, and a warm sun Lucinda enjoyed the water. Then we had a brief lunch break and travelled to the

 studio where we finished off with some lingerie. Very active and toned model, with lots of poses and a 

delightful smile. Looking forward to working with her again.