1st Aug 2005. Found this old half demolished factory which had a couple of grafitti walls.  Katy-Lee donned

 grafitist outfit with a difference - the ballet shoes. She pulled her back here and was in pain for most of this shoot

 but insisted on carrying on. A real trouper.

 7th Aug 2005.  The first shoot in Britney's new accommodations. Bare walls and no furniture.  Height of simplicity.

 with the studio lights blazing, i guess this could be described as a house warming.

 15 Aug 2005  Josephine is one of my favorite models . This was my 14 th shoot with her.  Love her accent 

and intelligence.( She has a damn fine figure as well!!)  She has developed a repertoire of poses and expressions and

 is always optomistic and a pleasure to work with. 

 18 th Aug 2005. The 51 st shoot with Morgan. One would think you would run out of ideas  after so many 

shoots and sets, but she keeps coming up with new combinations of outfits. This day she was heavily blocked up

 with a cold, but we desperately needed material for her site so she  soldiered on the get the required material.

 30 th Aug 2005. Belinda and Katy -Lee line up for a double shoot at the delightful  Summer House

 near Mudgeeraba. This was one of Belinda's first double shoots and she carried it off like a true

professional. Outfits here were by Bee Brief  at www.beebrief.com

 Also on the same day after Belinda had left Katy- Lee looks very happy here . So was her partner looking 

over my shoulder. 

 31st Aug 2005 . The next day. Back to the hard work again. Oil up the body and relax by a small waterfall at

Chillingham in the warming sunlight. Going native first then with an army motif, and finally that day back to a 

deserted farm shed for a bit of  whip cracking. I did not dare argue with her.