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I have seen a number of posts on forums, websites and newspaper adds  for shoots for magazines, mainly nude shoots for Picture and People magazines. Some are deceptive and some almost a con job.

I have tried to be totally honest in my advertising but am starting to wonder when I see adds such as .... earn up to $8000,  ...guaranteed $1000, ...earn a quick $250 from a shoot, ...guaranteed features in Picture People, and 100% Homegirls, ...I can submit you to Hustler, Penthouse and Playboy etc.

Compared to these adds my offer of a minimum of $450 seems paltry . Yet it is often to the same magazines. So what gives?

Here is a translation of what they say and what it really means:

1. "I can submit you to Hustler, Penthouse, Playboy".

  If a photographer sends a nude picture of you to any address at these magazines then they have "submitted" you.

Submission does not automatically mean Publication .

Have heard of at least two models that were conned by a photographer who got a free explicit nude shoot from them and was not heard from again. Always check that the photographer has some credits and has been published. Any published photographer should have some tear sheets or proof that they have been published , a bit like successful models have their tear sheets.

2. "... earn up to $8000."

This was seen in a newspaper add.

Sounds good. ( A centrefold in People, Picture and 100% Homegirls might get you $4500 - $5000). Overseas magazines in Europe, UK and USA usually pay less but require more explicit work.  But in perhaps 90% or more  of cases the model will only get the basic $450 total that I have offered for publication in Picture and People magazine only 10% or less will get anywhere near $8000 . However "up to $8000" sounds better than my "minimum of $450".

3. "... guaranteed features in People, and Picture magazines"

A feature is usually regarded as 3 or more pages.

Very few photographers can truthfully make that guarantee and again this will not apply to all models.

The choice of whether a model gets a feature is dependent upon the editor, not what the photographer says. I know of one model who rushed to shoot with a top photographer because he got a lot of centrefolds. She did not get the centrefold but a 4 page feature because he had shot and submitted another model who got the centrefold in that issue. The editor chose the other model over her. Likewise these "top" photographers also will sometimes get only 2 pages.

They will also be very selective about who they shoot so be prepared for rejection or the suggestion, ...come back when you have lost 10 Kg and have DD boobs.


4. " ... quick $250 from a short shoot"

By shooting and submitting to both Picture and People magazines the model should get a minimum of $450. The $250 shoot involves only one magazine.

But can't the model shoot for the other magazine with another photographer?

Well that is a possibility but makes it very difficult for the other photographer to make decent money unless they reduce their costs. (No makeup artist, no more than 10 min spent on cheap and nasty shoot, no great  locations or props)

5. "...garanteed $1000"

Seen on a forum but after further questioning turned out to be the payment after 2-3 submissions over a year. In which case I could claim the same misleading results.

I only mention the minimum figure of $450, because it may change, (magazine changes payments over a year), model gets a change of heart, new protective disapproving boyfriend , travels overseas for a year etc so that payment is not guaranteed and is conditional. Which is why I generally claim that the model can receive a minimum of $450 after interviews and upon publication. (2-3 submissions and publications would actually generate $1350 over the year)

My Results

If I play the up to , guaranteed game then I could do almost the same.

One model I have shot since at least Oct 2007, up until Feb 2013 has gained $2250 from People magazine and $2900 for Picture magazine. In addition I shot her in 21 shoots over that period for www.aussiebikinimodels.com (Closing in June) and as these were commercial shoots she received an extra $4870 for a total of $10,020 an average of almost $2000 per year.

A second model I have shot so far from Oct 2009 to Jan 2013 with a break of over one year in that period has received $1200 from People, $2950 from Picture and website payments of $3900 for a total of $8050. That's an average of $2300 per year.

Unfortunately the extra work is drying up and at this time I only have 3 spaces for extra work for models for the trike calendar.


Magazine Info

Picture magazine comes out on Wednesdays and they need 17/18 models each week for the back Homegirls section.

Picture also has a 3-4 page Made in Oz feature ($250 per page), a centrefold ($1500) sometimes another 2 pager and also near the front an editorial feature 3-4 pages which may be Australian or an overseas English model of some fame.

In total Picture has on offer a possible $8200 each week.

 The basic Homegirl payment is $200 but she gets an extra $50 if she gets a beaut Bum or Top Tits section. The photographer only gets paid $150. Very few girls are rejected from Picture, but in days past it has been known for submissions to be mislaid / lost. Picture also has a bigger readership.

Among those 17 models , one will get a 2 page Homegirl of the Week for $600, two a 1 1/2 page Homies who Love Homies (two girl) gets $500, and sometimes they have a 1 1/2 pageBedroom Babe or / and Homie with Hobbies which are each $500. You cannot get a basic Homegirl (200)and the higher paying (500-600) in the same period. Getting published normally means that you cannot be published for at least 2-3 months after, unless you are really hot, in which case you may get promoted to a 2, 3 or 4 page feature.

If you want to check these payments just invest $4.80 for Picture at a newsagent and you can verify the truth there.

People magazine comes out on Mondays.

It has 11 models at the back (Model Citizens) each week which could be on offer for Australian models, but increasingly uses overseas or visiting models. This includes a Model Citizen of the week which is 2 pages but only pays the model $300. They also have a 4 page feature($1000) - The Harem and an 8 page Centrefold ($1500) and which sometimes also includes non Australian and a 4-6 page front section which rarely has Australian models. .

In total People has on offer about $5300 each week.

100% Homegirls  is another magazine in the Picture stable and pays 250 / page and involves explicit poses but comes out in a soft version to protect Queenslanders and a Harder version for other states. It has many 4 and 6 page features with a 2 page Hot Homie and a number of single pages.

In all cases with these magazines the model has to answer her phone or using text or emails to answer some interview questions before she can be published and receive payment. The shortest time I have had between submission and interview has been 4 days, the longest has been at least 2 years (I think they lost the submissions and I had to resubmit).

Multiple Magazine Shoots

Shooting for at least 2 magazines will maximise the model's and the photographer's payments.

In my case (and a number of other photographers)  I pay over $100 for a hair and makeup artist (guarantees that I have consistent results as I choose and pay for the professional makeup artist and I want the model to look her best) rather than relying upon the model to do her own makeup, or get her own "professional" makeup artist. I also may have to pay up to $100 for a location fee unless good weather can be "guaranteed" for an outdoor location shoot. So already I am down $200.

 Now if I only shoot for 1 magazine (Picture)  then my return would only be $150 so I  need to shoot for both magazines to maximise our profits and the model's. From that shoot and single submission to both Picture and People magazines I would get back $350 for a profit of $150. This applies to many other photographers shooting for the back sections.