3rd January 2006.  At least 19 shoots done with Katy-Lee so far. Shooting for an upcoming website. Picked

 her up from South Tweed and travelled to Cudgen Lake where we did two costumes for 6 sets. Then travelled to

 Murwillumbah , had lunch and then a quick set at some fountains in a park. Could not do too much here as 

attracted interest of some inquisitive guys. Total of 450 shots in 92 minutes.

 4th January 2006.    About 20 shoots done to complete requirements for a web site.  Picked Katy-Lee up 

early about 8 am and headed to Fingal's Duffy Beach. Started where we left off the previous day at the fountain,

 but again were interrupted as a group of surfers appeared out of the sea and made things awkward. So travelled

 back to a creek and completed two costumes for 6 sets. As Katy was a bit tired from an almost sleepless night 

after babysitting a young puppy, we finished early and dropped her home. This produced 300 shots in 69 minutes. 

 6th January 2006.  My 4th shoot with Angela for ABM.. Picked her up from the railway station about 1 pm, 

and travelled to Fingal. Too many people there on a Friday afternoon, so went back along the creek and found a

 secluded spot. But not for long. Managed one costume for three sets and then more people started to arrive, 

so moved down to Hastings Point to finish off with another costume and 3 sets, despite a few surfers and 

beach walkers. Then more people arrived so packed and called it a day. 

 11th January 2006. Met at airport. I arrived 9 min early but LJ was even earlier. We travelled south to

 Chinderah and then to Kingscliff. My first shoot with LJ and feeling a bit nervous as she has such a great

 profile in net modelling .  She soon made me feel comfortable though and even laughed at my attempts at humor. 

We did two costumes for 2 sets ducking showers most of the time. Then we headed to Cudgen Lake and started

 on a costume there for another three sets, and attracting the attention of some teen male admirers. Then with more

 showers on the way , back to Murwillumbah for a studio costume and three sets, break for lunch and then more

 studio for another two costumes for a total of 14 sets in about 5 hours total time. What can I say about LJ? 

A real lady, most cooperative and spontaneous and with a delightful laugh. Looking forward to the next shoot.

 14th December 2006.  Morgans shoots are well into the 40s.  Again another hot day and we started off in

 a cool sheltered tunnel with grafitti on the walls for 1 costume set. We then went  to a place that Morgan 

sourced and its speciality, a cooling pool. There we did 8 costume changes for 10 sets. Morgan was really

 relishing the heat and the  pool and its accessories.

 16th January 2006.   Moving along with sets for Katy-Lee's site.  This time I travelled to Brisbane and picked 

Katy up about 8.30 am. We travelled to some bushwalking tracks and found a great gum tree  and completed one

 costume set there and another costume set back at the creek for a total of 6 sets. Weather was getting hot and 

humid so called it a day and arranged for another shoot a couple of days later. 

 17th January 2006.  My 18 th shoot with Savannah and return from last shoot at end of November.

 Travelled out to Chillingham where the waterfall was running well after recent rains. Did two costumes for 

6 sets there. Then back to studio for a costume (?? bronzing shimmer??) and two sets there, Savannah loved 

the refreshing water and it was difficult to get her to leave.

 18th January 2006.  Katy-Lee returns again with more sets for her site. Picked her up in Brisbane about 

11.30 and tried to get her to read a road map and direct me to a farm property out west of Brisbane. 

Bad mistake!! After getting lost a couple of times made it and did 5 costumes for 14 sets. Last set was

 rushed as a storm approached. Katy did well and ws in a cheeky mood.