Makeup and its Importance

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I was like a lot of other photographers doing shoots with models doing their own makeup.

Sometimes I was lucky in getting some models that had some skill, but for most it was a bit of lip gloss and a rub of powder.

I worked with one model who was a makeup person in Myers, and later a stripper, so she had some ability.

Then in June 2005 I worked with a model who was owed a free makeup by a professional makeup artist and chose to use it for my shoot.

No Makeup Model's Makeup Professional Makeup

I immediately noticed a world of difference and even though I had not paid for makeup before I knew that was the future.

I tried to get more and more models shot with professional makeup done when I could afford it. I paid as I choose the makeup artist and wanted my images to look their best for me and the model.

Any photographer / model that is shooting for a "portfolio" who does not use a professional makeup artist is just playing in puddles and getting pretty pictures. To me it is offensive to the model and the photographer if they want to be treated professionally and get professional results to not obtain the services of a good professional makeup artist.

Try it and see the difference.

Some other examples with the same model:

Here are samples of what my makeup artist has been able to do with a variety of models.

No Makeup Model's Makeup Professional Makeup



Hire a makeup artist for your next shoot. It's worth it!!!