MAY 2005


6th May 2005 . My 8th shoot with Katy-Lee . Late afternoon at Cudgen lake with very soft and 

slightly warm light.  We are now working very comfortably together. This time we tried a few more 

shots without looking at the camera , a type of semi-candid.

10th May 2005.  My second shoot with Belinda and her first full shoot for aussiebikinimodels the previous being

 a portfolio shoot. We started at Fingal, then went to Cudgen lake and finished up in the studio.  I was thrilled 

with her attitude and most capable modelling skills.  I finished the shoot wanting more and more was to come.

14 th May 2005.  For her 9th shoot I took Katy-Lee to the top of a sand dune at south Kingscliff where she

 donned an Eve outfit and went back to nature. It was so tiring that for the second part of the shoot she had

 to relax in a portable soft chair. Once again a relaxed shooting period.

17 th May 2005.  Belinda's 3rd shoot (and second shoot this month)and would you believe from these that 

she was heavy with cold. Although she said she would go in the water , for her health I advised against.  

We shot near the sand pier at the Southport Spit, but as the wind was a bit strong and cold we then

 moved to the woodlands nearby to escape the chill, and finishing up on the western side of the spit.

 Once again a brilliant effort under trying conditions. I am really beginning to love working with this model. 

18th May 2005.  My 9th shoot with Haley and an early morning shoot . We travelled to Fingal beach to do this shoot. During 

the 8 shoots I was pleased to observe the improvement in expressions as Haley worked the camera.

18th May 2005.  The 10 th shoot with Katy-Lee and my second for the day and being a late afternoon 

 with cloud and wind we went to the studio. Katy-Lee tried using a wig this time. As well this shoot was a total 

studio shoot.  Katy-Lee took a liking to the two Easter bunnies and since we did not get as much excercise 

as location shoots going  up and down sand dunes, I brought out a heavily unused excercise bike which also

 served as a very temporary clothes rack. The bike never had a more attractive rider that year. 

19th May 2005.  My first shoot with new model Daria and what a difference. As the weather was unsettled 

we did a full studio shoot as her first.  Full of expression and wild poses. Daria just flowed and I kept shooting. 

A very interesting model.

 22nd May 2005. My first shoot with Georgie for aussiebikinmodels. We travelled by speed boat to try and find a quiter location on a Sunday without much success.  Georgie has a lithe body and having appeared in Picture magazine knew how to throw the curves. 
25th May 2005.  This time a trip to Port Macquarie where I did my first shoot with Ellie. Weather was 

getting a bit cold so we concentrated on studio work in the slightly modified motel room.  As it got a bit 

warmer inthe afternoon we ventured out to do the second half on a local beach.  I think Ellie surprised 

herself with some of the poses and expressions she achieved here.

27th May 2005.  Hey look who's back . Belinda in her 3rd shoot this month. We started at South Kingscliff 

beach and sand dunes with a couple of sets there and then followed up with more work in the studio.  Belinda felt

 a bit unhappy with her expressions this time but that just shows the perfectionist she is. 

29 th May 2005.  Katy-lee backs up for her 4th shoot this month . We searched around for some ballet 

equipment as she had done some ballet in her earlier years. A hired dance studio in Southport provided 

the location and we went flat out for three hours to get a number of interesting sets. It is when the 

photographer and model achieve a rapoort that they can experiment to produce different ideas. 

31st May 2005.  She is back again for her 4 th shoot of the month and as I said  in the her first shoot I was left 

wanting more . And more I got. Belinda and I have been really starting to experiment with the different looks 

and with a nice warm day , we got quite a bit done. We started at Hastings Point and as we were going down to

 the beach met another photographer and his model just finishing. We then travelled through to the quiet of

 Cudgen Lake and finished of in the studio. Once again Belinda was a treat to work with.