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Model Case Studies for Picture People.

Model Case Studies for Picture, People magazine shoots

The Following show 5 models I have shot for Picture and People and how shooting for these magazines with me gives you more money over a number of shoots than you get with shooting with one of the well published , photographers. It has been known for some of these photographers to have work rejected as well. Do models get a garantee of a payment for the time on the day even if they are unsuccessful???

All models who have worked with me for magazine publications have received some payment!!!!

Model E

Since 29/June 2007, has had People centrefold, two Picture 2 pagers and 4 smaller articles to total value of $3200 over 1 1/2 years as well as at least 10 other shoots gaining $3000 for a total of $6200. With the other photographers she would have only gained the original $3200 or less as they would not have followed up after the first shoot.

Model B

Since June 2007 has had a centrefold, 2 pages and 2 smaller sections with me for a total of $2450 . Extra paid shoots netted her another $2900 for a total of $5300.

She unfortunately lived some distance away and rather than wait to shoot with me again shot with some other photographers to gain $3500 only, of which I could have gained $2500 for her as well as more paid extra shoots. I will not probably not shoot with her again after that.

Model I

Since August 2008 has had a 2 pager, small article, and 6 pages for a total of $2250 + so far paid shoots of $750 and more to come, so total so far is $3000.

Model L

Since March 2007 has had a 2 page and a small article for a total of $750 as well as paid shoots with total of $850 for a total of $1600. My last shoot with her was in July 2008.

Model R

Since 13 th Dec 2007 has had 2 small articles, 4 half pages, and 1 two page for a total of $1350 as well as paid shoots of another $1800 for a total of $3150.