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Things you should know:

1) I won't promise you you up to $2000 / hr or up to $3000+ to tempt you in and then you may only get 250 - 500 or nothing, but I will guarantee you at least $200 even if I have to pay that myself. (conditions apply, and not all accepted). See my blog for case studies of models I have worked with.

2) To get $2000+ from a single shoot you need to be a really hot model and be able to get at least 1 or 2 centrefolds or do explicit work or both.

3) No photographer can guarantee you a centrefold unless the editor has seen your images (from a test shoot) and commissions that work. Some of the more published photographers who get a lot of centrefolds still get only a two or four pager with some models because it is the Editor's decision.

4) You will have to wait for your money til you have done an interview and nearer publication date. This can be anywhere from 2 weeks to at least 3 months.

What I Offer:

1. A genuine concern for models to maximise what they can get from this work rather than playing a meat market numbers game. Remember that the most published photographers are shooting lots of models and you are only a small component of what they shoot as they have many more to shoot. Are you hot enough for them to come back and shoot you again.

2. I work with a professional make up artist who is in frequent demand and whose work has appeared in magazines such as Ralph, Picture , People, Zoo, Penthouse, Mayfair and other English magazines, Gold Coast Bulletin, Queensland Brides, and numerous Hanna calendars and other brochures.

3. I offer extra monetary rewards and paid work.

Other photographers will shoot you and you may get a centrefold , or 4 pages or 2 pages.

Should you get 2 pages ($500) with another photographer, that is about all you will get (and you will disqualify yourself from shooting with me for at least 6 months). The magazines love fresh faces and it is relatively easy to get new models in the first time but more difficult the second or third time over a short period.

If you shoot with me and we get the same 2 pages ($500) I will do a further paid shoot with you where you will receive at least $200 and if good enough more paid shoots may follow. The only shoot I expect you to do with no money paid upfront is the first shoot. (Should you be suitable for and do extra work for calendar / websites, you will be paid cash for that component)

PREFERENCE given to FRESH ATTRACTIVE NEW models who have not shot for these magazines before.

I will not shoot you if:

1. If you have been published in these magazines in the last 6 months,

2. You have shot with any other photographers for these magazines in the last 6 months or intend to shoot with other photographers for these magazines in the next 2 months. ie. you must give me a chance to get our work published before shooting with others.

3. You are unable to shoot the nude styles required.

4. You are going overseas in the 4 months following our shoot. (they need to be able to call you to interview you)

5. You are unable to be contacted regularly.