TFP Considerations

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When you request  TFP.  Ask them what they can provide  and  make sure you clearly describe to the photographers  what you require and what images you want. If you cannot reach agreement then move on. There are plenty of other photographers and models.

OR if you definitely want something that the photographer is not considering then perhaps you should consider hiring the photographer.

I have seen too many cases where models are not satisfied with the results because the togs:

1. Would not let them choose the images the model wanted,

2. Would not provide the images within a short time period (one case model had not received images after a year and the other after 10 months)

3. Would not agree to or provide the set number of images.

4. Either would not photoshop the images as the model wanted, OR wanted to photoshop the images so much that made them useless for the model's purpose.

5. Placed so many restrictions on the use of the images that the model could not really use them as she wanted.

6. References - ask for references / or look at the photographers folio and contact models to obtain references that the photographer can deliver and can provide the images required.

7. % hit rate: A photographer may shoot a hundred shots and then choose to show only 3 shots as being the best work. If the other 97 shots are ghastly then there is a huge inefficiency there and models doing TFP with such a photographer may be hugely unimpressed with results. So as well as the lucky shots the model needs to see other shots from the shoot to get some idea of the photographers efficiency. ie a tog with a 50% hit rate on good images is more likely than one with only a 3% to produce suitable images that the model will find acceptable. I can remember long ago when the professional photographer in town did weddings and had a book of proofs for guests to view and make orders from. Bad shots or out of focus shots were marked with a cross through the image. They were brutally honest then and you could get some idea of the photographers hit rate there.

8. Work levels: The model wants fashion and casual shots she should work with a photographer who also wants fashion and casual shots. She should not do so if the photographer only wants swimwear and lingerie as she may find fashion/casual is rushed through in 10% of the time for the shoot and the other 90% is spent doing swimwear /lingerie (extreme I know, but you get the idea).


9. Some models have been convinced that they only need 1 or 2 edited and shopped images from a shoot. But even looking at a head and shoulders shot there are so many variations - full front 3/4 left or right side, profile left or right, looking over shoulder left or right, serious, smiling, pouty, surprised, angry, aloof, sad, closed mouth , open mouth, looking down or up , high viewpoint, low viewpoint, looking at camera , away from camera

Then all of those with one hand in frame, then all again with two hands in frame, then using props such as hats, scarves, gloves, umbrellas. So that would give a minimum of over 100 variations just to start. Which is the one best one and why?

Would it not be better to have a number of different head shots for different profiles purposes.